Music and Worship Ministry

musicAt FBC Searcy, worship is vital. Our Music and Media Ministry is involved in many different aspects of worship and offers a wide variety of ministry opportunities for individuals of all ages. Here are a few opportunities within our Music Ministry:

Adult Worship Choir
The FBC Adult Worship Choir is an opportunity for individuals to minister with their musical talents. Our Worship Choir rehearses each Sunday at 4:30 pm in the Choir Rehearsal Room. This group is made up of individuals of all ages and in all stages of life. They provide assistance in leading worship during our Morning Worship, and have been involved in many other worship experiences throughout the years. Some examples include:

  • Christmas Musical
  • Easter Musical
  • 4th of July Celebration
  • White County Fair Celebration Choir

Young Musicians Choir
The Young Musicians Choir is for children in grades 4-6. They meet on Sundays at 6:00 pm to learn a variety of things about music. This group is best known for the children’s musicals that they prepare twice a year (once at Christmas and once in the Spring). This choir meets during the school year (September-May).

Music Makers Choir
The Music Makers Choir is designed for grades 1-3. They learn a variety of musical numbers and perform during worship at least two times per year. This choir only meets during the school year (September-May).

Mini Music Makers Choir
This is a preschool choir for children in Pre-K and Kindergarten. Led by a group of dedicated church members, this group also learns a variety of musical numbers and performs in worship at least twice a year.

Media Ministry
In addition to opportunities in the Music Department, media also plays a large role in helping people to worship. Dedicated individuals are in charge of sound, lighting, and management of the worship screens. Call Bro. Taylor Keenen if you have questions about how you can be involved.